Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Patents

Parag Agrawal has a total of 30 patents globally, out of which 12 have been granted. Of these 30 patents that he has filed, more than 86% patents are active. The United States of America is where Parag Agrawal has filed the maximum number of patents.

Agrawal is one of the people in the long list of Indian-origin CEOs in Silicon Valley. He has worked as a researcher in Microsoft, Yahoo! And AT&T. Later on he joined Twitter in 2011 when the company had fewer than 1000 employees and was appointed the company’s CTO in 2017 after which he took charge as the CEO in November 2021, replacing Jack Dorsey.

How Many Patents did Parag Agrawal File Every Year?

Parag Agrawal Patent Filing Trend
Year of Patents Filing or GrantParag Agrawal Applications FiledParag Agrawal Patents Granted

Parag Agrawal Patents

Parag Agrawal has a total of 30 patents. These patents belong to 17 unique patent families. Out of 30 patents, 26 patents are active.

Parag Agrawal Patent Portfolio

How Many Patents did Parag Agrawal File in Different Countries?

Parag Agrawal Worldwide Patent Filing

What Technologies are covered by Parag Agrawal’s Patents?

One of the patents in the AI & Machine Learning category, US20190354594A1, talks about “Building and implementing persona-based language generation models,” which refers to the chatbot conversations.

A chatbot is a computer system that can be spoken to. A conversational agent, more particularly, aims to emulate human dialogue and provide a human-machine interaction based on human conversation. It can be used in text messaging applications in one case, allowing users to initiate and communicate with a conversational agent via text message. Other modalities, such as spoken language in spoken language conversational agents, are also accessible.

Conversational agents have a wide range of uses, including responding to client requests for products and services, as well as delivering customer care, technical support, education, and personal assistance.

10 Best Parag Agrawal Patents

US9117227B1 is the most popular patent in the Parag Agrawal portfolio. It has received 77 citations so far from companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, and IBM.

Below is the list of 10 most cited patents of Parag Agrawal:

Publication NumberCitation Count

He has been in charge of most of the company’s ground-breaking projects at Twitter, the most important of which is the successful monetisation of the company’s advertisement-based revenue models. The ads team employed machine learning to analyse data and tailor advertisements to users under Agrawal’s leadership.

He’s also pushed to boost user growth by increasing the relevancy of the ‘Home timeline,’ rethinking the company’s technical strategy, and directing machine learning and AI across the board. In 2019, Dorsey enlisted Agrawal’s help to develop Bluesky, an ambitious Twitter-funded project to create a decentralised social media where people may moderate and promote content using their own algorithms.

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List of Parag Agrawal’s Patents

Parag Agrawal PatentsTitle
US9454771B1Temporal features in a messaging platform
US8606771B2Efficient indexing of error tolerant set containment
US9117227B1Temporal features in a messaging platform
US9892431B1Temporal features in a messaging platform
US20180046918A1Aggregate Features For Machine Learning
US10248667B1Pre-filtering in a messaging platform
US20190354594A1Building and deploying persona-based language generation models
US10600080B1Overspend control in a messaging platform
US10650408B1Budget smoothing in a messaging platform
US10657556B1Click-through prediction for targeted content
US20200257543A1Aggregate Features For Machine Learning
US20200265101A1Cohort service
US10769677B1Temporal features in a messaging platform
US10769661B1Real time messaging platform
US20210034635A1Intent based second pass ranker for ranking aggregates
US20210097339A1Inference via edge label propagation in networks
US20210097384A1Deep segment personalization
US20210110428A1Click-Through Prediction for Targeted Content
US20210216944A1Deep reinforcement learning for long term rewards in an online connection network
US20210232590A1Heterogenous edges in an online network for building active online communities
US20210295170A1Removal of engagement bias in online service
US11157464B1Pre-filtering of candidate messages for message streams in a messaging platform
US20210350284A1Tackling delayed user response by modifying training data for machine-learned models
US11270333B1Click-through prediction for targeted content
US20220083853A1Recommending edges via importance aware machine learned model
US20220101159A1Recommending network connections by optimizing for two-sided implicit value of an edge
US20090216718A1System for Query Scheduling to Maximize Work Sharing
US20090210429A1System and method for asynchronous update of indexes in a distributed database
EP3497625A1Aggregate features for machine learning
WO2018031958A1Aggregate features for machine learning

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