Top 100 Patent Filing Companies in US – 2023

The United States remains a global leader in innovation, with companies constantly pushing boundaries and developing new technologies. Here, we explore the top 100 companies in America, ranked by the number of patents published for the year 2023.

RankCompaniesPatent CountHQ CountrySector
1Samsung Electronics17142South KoreaConsumer Electronics
3Qualcomm8720United StatesTelecommunications
5IBM7470United StatesInformation Technology
6Canon6411JapanImaging Technology
8Apple6116United StatesConsumer Electronics
9Samsung Display6115South KoreaDisplay Technology
10LG Electronics5761South KoreaConsumer Electronics
11Intel5023United StatesSemiconductors
12Google4489United StatesInformation Technology
13Micron Technology4448United StatesMemory Storage
14Hyundai4109South KoreaAutomotive
15Microsoft4039United StatesSoftware
16Kia Motors3945South KoreaAutomotive
17Boe Technology3396ChinaDisplay Technology
19Fujifilm3287JapanImaging Technology
20Sony3115JapanConsumer Electronics
21Dell3055United StatesComputers
22Ford2901United StatesAutomotive
23NEC2799JapanInformation Technology
25Epson2567JapanPrinting Technology
26Robert Bosch2433GermanyAutomotive Parts
27Amazon2396United StatesE-commerce & Cloud Computing
28General Motors2381United StatesAutomotive
29Mitsubishi2366JapanIndustrial Machinery
30Capital One2262United StatesFinancial Services
31Tencent2227ChinaInternet & Technology
32Panasonic2224JapanConsumer Electronics
33Murata Manufacturing2209JapanElectronic Components
34Texas Instruments2126United StatesSemiconductors
35Aramco2122Saudi ArabiaOil & Gas
36LG Display2034South KoreaDisplay Technology
37Applied Materials2031United StatesSemiconductor Equipment
38Cisco1947United StatesNetworking
39General Electric1943United StatesIndustrial Conglomerate
40Meta1912United StatesSocial Media & Technology
41HP1851United StatesComputers
42SK Hynix1849South KoreaMemory Storage
43NTT1843JapanTelecommunications & IT Services
44LG Energy Solution1797South KoreaBattery Manufacturing
45Nike1742United StatesApparel & Footwear
46Denso1724JapanAutomotive Components
47VMWare1692United StatesCloud Computing & Virtualization Software
48Toshiba1684JapanElectronics & Industrial Products
49Philips1681NetherlandsHealthcare Technology & Consumer Electronics
50RTX1673United StatesGraphics Processing Units (GPUs)
52Kyocera1627JapanElectronics & Telecommunications
53Boeing1607United StatesAerospace & Defense
54ST Microelectronics1529SwitzerlandSemiconductors
55AT&T1526United StatesTelecommunications
56Oppo1518ChinaConsumer Electronics
57Snap1475United StatesSocial Media & Technology
58Baidu1436ChinaInternet Technology
59Bank Of America1405United StatesFinancial Services
60Halliburton1394United StatesOil & Gas Services
61ZTE1392ChinaTelecommunications & Technology
62Oracle1389United StatesSoftware
63Medtronic1381IrelandMedical Devices
64TDK1376JapanElectronic Components
65Honeywell1363United StatesIndustrial Manufacturing
66Sharp1352JapanConsumer Electronics
67Ricoh1344JapanOffice Equipment & Technology
69Changxin Memory Technologies1339ChinaSemiconductors
70Brother Industries1323JapanPrinting & Imaging Technology
71Infineon Technologies1311GermanySemiconductors
72Lenovo1310ChinaComputers & Electronics
73Johnson & Johnson1302United StatesPharmaceuticals & Medical Devices
74Tokyo Electron1261JapanSemiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
75Xiaomi1251ChinaConsumer Electronics
76Fujitsu1239JapanInformation Technology
77Salesforce1216United StatesCloud Computing & Software
78Bytedance1215ChinaInternet Technology
79LG Chem1201South KoreaChemicals & Battery Technology
81T-Mobile1163United StatesTelecommunications
82SAP1158GermanyEnterprise Software
83Japan Display1144JapanDisplay Technology
843M1143United StatesDiversified Manufacturing ( Industrials, Healthcare, Consumer)
85Sony Semiconductor Solutions1141JapanSemiconductors
86Hitachi1135JapanMulti Conglomerate
87EMC IPCo1125United StatesTechnology (acquired by Dell Technologies)
88Vivo1118ChinaConsumer Electronics
89Caterpillar1114United StatesConstruction & Heavy Equipment
90Siemens1111GermanyIndustrial Manufacturing & Technology
91Semiconductor Energy Laboratory1098JapanResearch & Development (Semiconductors)
92Corning1093United StatesSpecialty Materials (Glass, Ceramics, Optical)
93Samsung Electro Mechanics1084South KoreaElectronic Components
94P&G1081United StatesConsumer Goods
95CATL1079ChinaBattery Technology
97Nvidia1053United StatesComputer Hardware (Graphics Processing Units)
98Western Digital1034United StatesData Storage
99Cilag931SwitzerlandPharmaceuticals & Medical Devices
100Adobe931United StatesSoftware

Key Findings:

  1. Most of the top 10 companies on the list come from the Tech sector under the sub-domains:
    • Consumer Electronics: Samsung Electronics, Apple, Samsung Display, LG Electronics
    • Semiconductors: TSMC, Qualcomm (though they also do telecommunications)
    • Telecommunications: Qualcomm, Huawei (though they also do consumer electronics)
    • Automotive (Electric Vehicles): Toyota
  2. Number 6 on the list is a Photograph company, Canon.
  3. Toyota is the only automotive manufacturer present in the Top 10.
  4. Nike is the only apparel manufacturer listed in the Top 50 rankings.
  5. Standing out among the technology giants, Aramco, a Saudi Arabian firm at number 35, holds the title of the world’s biggest oil and gas producer.
  6. In a list brimming with tech giants, Capital One (30nd) stands out as the sole financial institution in the Top 50.

Insights & Takeaways:

Dominance by Foreign Companies: A surprising trend emerges at the top. South Korean giants Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display claim the top spots. Taiwan’s TSMC, a major chip manufacturer, sits at number two.

Tech Titans Hold Strong: Despite foreign dominance, familiar names from the American tech sector still hold significant positions. Qualcomm (3rd), IBM (5th), and Intel (11th) showcase the ongoing focus on developing processing power and communication technologies.

Embracing Innovation in Car Technologies: The list isn’t limited to tech giants. Automotive companies like Toyota (7th), Ford (22nd), and General Motors (28th) demonstrate their commitment to innovation in electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and connected car technologies.

This data provides a snapshot of the most prolific patenters in 2023. It will be interesting to see how this landscape evolves in the coming years, particularly with continued advancements in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and sustainable technologies.

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