John Deere’s Autonomous Tractor Patents – Insights & Stats

John Deere is setting a new standard in agricultural innovation with its fully autonomous tractor. This advanced machine, guided by cutting-edge patents, navigates fields, avoids obstacles and optimizes farming operations without a driver. Key features include precise GPS guidance, real-time data analytics and a powerful electric drivetrain. A recent pilot program highlighted its potential to boost productivity and reduce labor costs, positioning John Deere at the forefront of farming technology.

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How does John Deere’s Autonomous Tractor Function?

GPS: Uses advanced GPS technology for precise route planning and field coverage.

Sensors and Cameras: High-definition cameras and sensors detect obstacles and adjust the path to avoid collisions.

Machine Learning: Learns from data to improve efficiency and adapt to different field conditions and tasks.

Real-time Data Analysis: Analyses soil and crop conditions on the go, providing data for precise farming activities.

Automated Operations: Performs tasks like ploughing, planting and harvesting without human intervention for consistent execution.

Safety: Robust safety mechanisms handle challenging terrains and weather, stopping or adjusting operations if needed.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Allows farmers to monitor and control the tractor remotely, providing real-time updates and operational status.

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Key Patents behind John Deere’s Autonomous Tractor:

We’ve analyzed key patents related to John Deere’s Autonomous Tractor. Read the summary below to uncover the groundbreaking innovations driving this transformative technology!

The patent, US20220299991A1, describes an autonomy management application that:

  1. Displays autonomy job details and receives user acceptance.
  2. Verifies user proximity to the tractor using machine-based indicators.
  3. Initiates the tractor’s motion upon user confirmation through a “begin mission” interface.

The image below is a diagrammatic view of an exemplary mobile device executing the autonomy management application.

The patent, US20220145586A1, describes an advanced cab fresh air intake system designed for tractor. This system features air intake covers with openings at the lower end for intake and at the upper end for outlet, integrated into the tractor’s body panels and C-posts. This design ensures efficient air circulation, enhancing the tractor’s performance and reliability. The image below showcases the tractor cab with fresh air intake.

The patent, US20220128993A1, discloses the technology behind precise navigation and adaptability of autonomous tractor operations.

  • Display Handler: Renders an acquisition path when the vehicle meets a directional threshold, guiding it to the intended route.
  • Vehicle Condition Controller: Continuously checks and re-renders the path if real-time criteria are met.

The figure below is a schematic illustration of two vehicles connected to the vehicle control network.

The patent, US11876395B2, discloses a module which stores and connects a portable battery for handheld tools to the tractor’s electrical system, operating in two modes:

  1. Charging Mode: When the tractor ignition is on, it charges the portable battery using a step-up converter.
  2. Recharging Mode: When the ignition is off, it recharges the tractor’s battery using a step-down converter.

The figure below illustrates the tractor battery charging module.

The patent, US10814794B1, describes the compact tractor front tool box, which includes the following components:

  • Support Frame: Positioned between the tractor’s left and right frame rails.
  • Box-shaped Housing: Removable fits through a hole in the support frame.
  • Rim: Extends from the housing to rest on the support frame.
  • Pins and Clips: Secure the housing to the frame and allow easy removal.

The figure below represents the compact tractor front tool box on the tractor.

As the agricultural industry embraces technological advancements, several competitors, including CNH Industrial, AGCO and Kubota, are also developing autonomous farming solutions. However, John Deere’s Autonomous Tractor stands out with its AI-driven systems and real-time data analytics, ensuring unmatched precision and efficiency. By revolutionizing traditional farming practices, John Deere’s Autonomous Tractor has the potential to transform agriculture, making it more sustainable, productive and responsive to the needs of modern farmers.

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