L’Oréal AirLight Pro Patents – Insights & Stats

L’Oréal AirLight Pro represents L’Oréal’s commitment to sustainability and technological innovation, backed by over 150 patents. Revealed at CES 2024 in collaboration with Zuvi, this eco-friendly hair dryer uses patented LightCare™ technology, which combines infrared light with high-speed wind for effective drying that maintains hair’s natural moisture. The device features a robust 17-blade motor and energy-efficient tungsten-halogen bulbs, reducing power consumption by 31% while enhancing hair hydration by 33% and smoothness by 59%.

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What makes L’Oréal AirLight Pro unique?

  1. Infrared-Light Technology: Uses infrared light to evenly heat and dry hair from inside out, speeding up drying while preserving natural moisture and reducing heat damage.
  2. High-Speed Wind System: Features a powerful motor with a 17-blade fan for high-speed airflow, enabling quick drying without excessive heat.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Consumes up to 31% less energy than traditional hair dryers, enhancing sustainability.
  4. Customizable Settings: Offers adjustable settings and smart attachments for different hair types and styling needs ensuring personalized use.
  5. Smart Technology Integration: Includes app connectivity for enhanced control and customization enhancing user experience with smart technology features.
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Technology Behind L’Oréal AirLight Pro

We’ve analysed the patents associated with this one of a kind L’Oréal product. Below, you’ll find summaries of the key patents that make this technological marvel a reality!

The patent, US11464313B2, describes the sleek design of L’Oréal AirLight Pro channelling airflow efficiently and powered by a strong generator. It features external infrared radiation sources that emit energy without contacting the airflow, maintaining optimal temperatures for peak performance.

L’Oréal AirLight Pro is equipped with a dual-channel airflow system and thermal radiation sources as disclosed in the patent, US2022404097A1. It efficiently directs airflow and heat to target areas for quick, uniform drying making it ideal for optimal drying performance.

The patent, US11672318B2, describes design of L’Oréal AirLight Pro with efficient airflow and infrared radiation sources for efficient drying managed by a smart controller for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

The patent, US11832698B2, features the streamlined design L’Oréal AirLight Pro that channels airflow efficiently while incorporating external infrared radiation sources operating within optimal temperature ranges, ensuring effective and efficient drying without direct contact with the airflow.

L’Oréal’s AirLight Pro stands out in the competitive cosmetic industry, where brands like Dyson and Revlon also offer high-tech, energy-efficient hair dryers. However, the AirLight Pro uses a unique combination of infrared technology and a high-speed airflow, with focus on retaining natural moisture while reducing heat damage. With its efficient tungsten-halogen bulbs, the AirLight Pro improves hair hydration and smoothness while cutting down on energy consumption making it a transformative product in the market, aligning with consumer demand for sustainable, health-oriented beauty tools.

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