Costco Wholesale Subsidiaries

List of Costco Wholesale Subsidiaries

Costco Wholesale has 31 subsidiaries worldwide. Here’s the list of Costco Wholesale Subsidiaries.

S. no.SubsidiariesCountry
1Costco Insurance Agency IncUnited States
2Costco Travel IncUnited States
3Costco Wholesale Buying IncUnited States
4Costco Wholesale CorpUnited States
5Costco Wholesale Corp OldUnited States
6Costco Wholesale International IncUnited States
7Costco Wholesale Membership IncUnited States
8Innovel Solutions IncUnited States
9Nw Re LtdUnited States
10Pricecostco International IncUnited States
11The Price Co IncUnited States
12Costco Wholesale Taiwan IncChina
13Price Club LtdChina
14Costco Canada IncCanada
15Costco Canada Liquor IncCanada
16Costco Canada Travel IncCanada
17Costco Western Holdings LtdCanada
18Costco Wholesale Canada LtdCanada
19Cwc Distributors LtdCanada
20Cwc Pharmacies Ontario LtdCanada
21Price Costco Canada IncCanada
22Costco De México Sa De CvMexico
23Costco Wholesale Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
24Costco France SasFrance
25Costco Korea Co LtdSouth Korea
26Costco Wholesale Australia Pty LtdAustralia
27Costco Wholesale Iceland EhfIceland
28Costco Wholesale Japan LtdJapan
29Costco Wholesale New Zealand LtdNew Zealand
30Costco Wholesale Spain SlSpain
31Costco Wholesale Sweden AbSweden

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