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Sabesp has a total of 28 patents globally, out of which 6 have been granted. Of these 28 patents, more than 60% patents are active. Brazil is where Sabesp has filed the maximum number of patents, followed by Europe (EPO), it has generated an annual revenue of $4.26 billion in the year 2022. Parallelly, Brazil seems to be the main focused R&D center of Sabesp.

Sabesp was founded in the year 1973. Company is a Brazilian water and waste management company owned by the state of São Paulo. As of June 2023, Sabesp has a market cap of $7.48 Billion.

Do read about some of the most popular patents of Sabesp which have been covered by us in this article and also you can find Sabesp patents information, the worldwide patent filing activity and its patent filing trend over the years, and many other stats over Sabesp patent portfolio.

How many patents does Sabesp have?

Sabesp has a total of 28 patents globally. These patents belong to 23 unique patent families. Out of 28 patents, 17 patents are active.

How Many Patents did Sabesp File Every Year?

Sabesp Patent Filing Trend

Are you wondering why there is a drop in patent filing for the last two years? It is because a patent application can take up to 18 months to get published. Certainly, it doesn’t suggest a decrease in the patent filing.

Year of Patents Filing or GrantSabesp Applications FiledSabesp Patents Granted

How many Sabesp patents are Alive/Dead?

Worldwide Patents

Sabesp Patent Portfolio

How Many Patents did Sabesp File in Different Countries?

Sabesp Worldwide Patent Filing

Where are Research Centers of Sabesp Patents Located?

The R&D Centres of patents filed by Sabesp are in Brazil.

List of Sabesp’s Patents

Sabesp PatentsTitle
EP4083970A4Method And Simulation Bench For Leakage Signals In Lines
EP4083821A1Method And System For Analyzing And Providing A Quality Index For A Noise Correlator
WO2021184088A1Modular System For Treating Sanitary Sludge And Process Using Said System
WO2021127754A1Method And Simulation Bench For Leakage Signals In Lines
WO2021127755A1Method And System For Analyzing And Providing A Quality Index For A Noise Correlator
BR102016017191B1Sensor For Measurements Of Chemical Quantities, Manufacturing Process Of Sensor Devices And Use Of The Said Sensor For Measuring The Ph Of Water In Microfluid Systems
BR102021020140A2System For Fluid Turbidity Analysis And Method For Fluid Turbidity Analysis
BR102021006959A2Water Collection Device, Process And Device Installation Kit And Water Sample Collection Method
BR102021005538A2Three-Phase Separator For Ascending Flow Anaerobic Reactors And Sludge Blanket
BR102016025684B1Bubble Removal System, Autonomous Microlaboratory And Use Of Autonomous Microlaboratory For Water Quality Monitoring
BR202020017973U2Box For Hydrometers Installation
BR102020005478A2Modular Slean Sludge Treatment System And Process Using Such System
BR102019028015A2Analysis Method And System And Quality Index Supply For Noise Correlation
BR102019028022A2Automatic Frequency Band Selection Process And System In Noise Correlation For Leak Detection
BR102019028020A2System And Process For Estimating Speed And Leak Noise Propagation Delay In At Least One Pipeline
BR102019028026A2Pipeline Leakage Signals Simulation Method And Bench
BR102012022273B1Rotating Device For Washing Water Tanks Attached To A Truck, With High Pressure Hydroblast System
BR102018075052A2Box For Hydrometers Installation
BR102014019693A2Digital Leak Search System
BRMU9002495Y1Auxiliary Device For Removal Of Supernatants In Sewage Treatment
BR202013005932U2Portable Metrological Test Equipment
BRMU9002515U2Compact, Mobile And Autonomous Unit For Odor Control By Biofilter
BRPI1005719A2Mobile Bench For Field Calibration Of Hydrometers
BRMU8202514Y1Construction Layout In Hydraulic Building Simulator For Teaching Purposes.
BRMU8400296U2Measurement Unit
BRPI9801819B1Motorized Drive For Automatic Correction Of Chemical Dosage In Conventional Gravity Dosage Dosers
BRPI0205354A2Tap Remover
BRPI0101205A2Mobile Unit For Metrological Verification Of Hydrometers In The Field

What are Sabesp’s key innovation segments?

What Technologies are Covered by Sabesp?

The chart below distributes patents filed by Sabesp in different countries on the basis of the technology protected in patents. It also represents the markets where Sabesp thinks it’s important to protect particular technology inventions.

R&D Focus: How has Sabesp‘s search focus changed over the years?


Interested in knowing about the areas of innovation that are being protected by Sabesp?

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