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Steel Dynamics has a total of 28 patents globally, out of which 14 have been granted. Of these 28 patents, more than 28% patents are active. The USA is where Steel Dynamics has filed the maximum number of patents, followed by Taiwan and Canada, it has generated an annual revenue of $22.26 billion in the year 2022. Parallelly, the USA seems to be the main focused R&D centre of Steel Dynamics.

Steel Dynamics was founded in the year 1993 by Mark D. Millett, Keith E. Busse and Richard P Teets Jr. The company an American steel producer. As of May 2023, Steel Dynamics has a market cap of $16.54 Billion.

Do read about some of the most popular patents of Steel Dynamics which have been covered by us in this article and also you can find Steel Dynamics patents information, the worldwide patent filing activity and its patent filing trend over the years, and many other stats over Steel Dynamics patent portfolio.

How many patents does the founders and the CEO of Steel Dynamics have?

The founders, Mark D. Millett (also CEO), Keith E. Busse and Richard P Teets Jr, have 0 patents.

How many patents does Steel Dynamics have?

Steel Dynamics has a total of 28 patents globally. These patents belong to 18 unique patent families. Out of 28 patents, 8 patents are active.

How Many Patents did Steel Dynamics File Every Year?

Steel Dynamics Patent Filing Trend

Are you wondering why there is a drop in patent filing for the last two years? It is because a patent application can take up to 18 months to get published. Certainly, it doesn’t suggest a decrease in the patent filing.

Year of Patents Filing or GrantSteel Dynamics Applications FiledSteel Dynamics Patents Granted

How many Steel Dynamics patents are Alive/Dead?

Steel Dynamics Patent Portfolio

How Many Patents did Steel Dynamics File in Different Countries?

Steel Dynamics Worldwide Patent Filing

Where are Research Centres of Steel Dynamics Patents Located?

R&D Centres of Steel Dynamics

Best Steel Dynamics Patents

US8505259B1 is the most popular patent in the Steel Dynamics portfolio. It has received 21 citations so far.

Below is the list of most cited patents of Steel Dynamics:

Publication NumberCitation Count

List of Steel Dynamics

Steel Dynamics PatentsTitle
US8881469B1Cellular Ceiling Deck System With Hidden Hinges
US8505599B2Panelization System And Method
US8505259B1Built-Up Deep Deck Unit For A Roof Or Floor
US8479460B1High Shear Roof Deck System
US8240095B1Deck Assembly With Liner Panel
US8205412B2Panelization Method And System
US7743446B2Composite Deck System
US7648933B2Composition Comprising Spinel Crystals, Glass, And Calcium Iron Silicate
US7555800B2Composite Deck System
US7353584B2Deck Tool
US20200040429A1Recycled Aluminum Rod
WO2008088726A1Novel Composition
WO2007123512A1Method For Producing Agglomerated Material
WO2007111593A1Granulated Metallic Iron Superior In Rust Resistance And Method For Producing The Same
CA2702575CComposite Deck System
JP5078985B2Agglomerate Manufacturing Method
TWI374938BMethod For Producing Agglomerated Material
TWI336352BGranulated Metallic Iron Superior In Rust Resistance And Method For Producing The Same
CA3050943A1Recycled Aluminum Rod
JP2009530501AGranulated Iron With Excellent Rust Resistance And Its Manufacturing Method
VN20236AProduction Methods Of Agglomeration
VN20026AGranular Metal And Methods Of Processing This Metallic Metallic Iron
IN5087CHENP2008AMethod For Producing Agglomerated Material
IN5088CHENP2008AGranulated Metallic Iron Superior In Rust Resistance And Its Production Method
CL200700676A1Method To Produce Agglomerated Material To Manufacture Metallic Fe, Said Material Is Formed By Agglomerating A Mixture Of The Material Containing Iron Oxide, Carbon Reducing Agent, Binder And Moisture And Drying Said Mixture, Including Using Carbon Hydrate As Binder And Resting The Mix Before Agglomering.
CL200700677A1Method For Producing Granulated Metallic Fe By Agglomeration Of A Mixture Of The Material Containing Iron Oxide, Reducing Agent, Heating To Obtain Metallic Fe And Cooling That It Comprises That Said Metallic Fe Cools While Its Relative Position Changes And An Oxide Coating Is Formed On The Metallic Faith.
MX2019009090ARecycled Aluminum Rod.
AU2006340901A1Granulated Metallic Iron Superior In Rust Resistance And Method For Producing The Same

What are Steel Dynamics key innovation segments?

What Technologies are Covered by Steel Dynamics?

The chart below distributes patents filed by Steel Dynamics in different countries on the basis of the technology protected in patents. It also represents the markets where Steel Dynamics thinks it’s important to protect particular technology inventions.

R&D Focus: How has Steel Dynamics search focus changed over the years?


Interested in knowing about the areas of innovation that are being protected by Steel Dynamics?

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