Vehicle Control System: Patent Filing Trends and Top Patent Holders in the US (2007-2018)

The global vehicle control unit (VCU) market is forecasted to grow at 17.1% CAGR to reach $10.4 billion in 2027 from $2.1 billion in 2019. Advancement in-vehicle electronics technologies are going to drive the market which will create opportunities for players in the market to expand their revenue and market.

The software segment is going to grow fastest. Reprogrammable software adds greater flexibility in VCUs and makes it possible to fit into multiple vehicle systems and companies can roll out updates on the air. This can result in a future scenario where hardware gets standardized and become cheap while the software segment can get innovative and expensive.

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the heart of an advanced vehicle. Embedded software in ECUs is getting sophisticated. And yes complex. Automobiles today have more than 80 ECUs. One of the key challenges OEMs face is managing the increased complexity in ECUs. Hence, this area is getting a lot of research attention.

Year Wise Patent Filing Trend in Vehicle Control System

Top Patent Filers of Vehicle Control System

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Updated on December 20, 2021

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