Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX Virtual Assistant Patents – Insights & Stats

Mercedes-Benz‘s MBUX Virtual Assistant, showcased at CES 2024 and set to launch in October 2024, leverages advanced AI and high-resolution 3D graphics to enhance the driving experience. Integrated into the new Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS), it features natural conversation capabilities, proactive support and personalized suggestions. Recent developments have underscored the importance of key patents in improving its natural language processing and intuitive learning. This latest version also includes real-time navigation assistance and new entertainment options developed with partners like, Audible, and Amazon Music, providing a tailored in-car experience.

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Key Features of Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX Virtual Assistant

  1. Voice Recognition: MBUX uses advanced voice recognition technology to understand and respond to natural language commands from the driver and passengers.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: The system employs AI algorithms to process and interpret voice commands, allowing for seamless interaction with various vehicle functions.
  3. Personalization: MBUX learns from user behaviour and preferences over time, adapting its responses and suggestions to individual drivers for a personalized driving experience.
  4. Integration with Vehicle Systems: It integrates with the vehicle’s systems, enabling control over features like climate control, navigation, multimedia and connectivity options.
  5. Proactive Assistance: MBUX provides proactive assistance by anticipating user needs and offering suggestions or reminders based on driving patterns, calendar events and other contextual information.
  6. Continuous Improvement: The system continuously updates and improves its functionality through over-the-air updates, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.
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Technology behind Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX Virtual Assistant

We’ve analysed key patents related to MBUX. Read the summary below and discover the ingenious innovations behind this breakthrough technology!

The patent, CN110466455A describes an information interchange device for vehicle rear seat windscreen. It includes a controller that receives signals from sensors or occupants and sends them to a projector. The projector projects information onto the rear seat windscreen, which has a luminous material layer to display the information. This device simplifies information exchange between vehicles and enhances passive safety for occupants.

The patent, DE102018006480A1 describes a key apparatus for adjusting vehicle parameters using a vehicle key with a microphone that captures acoustic waves. The key sends a signal to an evaluation unit based on these waves, enabling the vehicle to be adjusted before a person reaches it. This showcases the proactive nature of MBUX technology in anticipating user needs. The schematic representation below illustrates the key system containing the key, cloud server, motor vehicle and a charging cradle.

The patent, DE102022002994A1 outlines a method for playing audio files in a vehicle using an electronic computing device. It involves wirelessly receiving audio files from external providers on a mobile device, transmitting them to the vehicle’s computing device, storing them and playing them back. The system manages multiple audio files from different providers, with some stored in cloud-based storage, allowing seamless playback of both locally and cloud-stored files through the vehicle’s system. The image below showcases a method for playing audio file using infotainment system of vehicle.

The patent, DE102022003756A1 describes a method to reduce motion sickness in vehicle occupants. It involves targeted sensory stimulation, optimized seating positions with head and body support, cooling treatments and stimulation at specific points on the body. These innovations aim to enhance comfort and alleviate motion sickness symptoms during travel using the MUBX display. The image below represents the vehicle seat with features to reduce kinetosis-related disorders of occupant.

As MBUX continues to redefine in-car experiences with its advanced AI-driven capabilities, competitors like BMW‘s Intelligent Personal Assistant and Audi’s MMI Touch Response are also pushing boundaries in automotive technology. However, what sets MBUX apart is its seamless integration with Mercedes-Benz’s cutting-edge vehicle systems, personalized learning and proactive assistance features. With the potential to transform how we interact with vehicles, MBUX represents a glimpse into the future of smart, intuitive driving experiences, paving the way for a new era of automotive innovation and convenience.

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