Amazon Subsidiaries

13 Lives Uk Productions LtdUnited Kingdom
1800Diapers IncUnited States
2Lemetry IncUnited States
600 108Th Avenue NeUnited States
6Pm.comUnited States
8 Dudes In A Garage AbSweden IncUnited States
Abebooks Europe GmbhGermany
Abebooks IncCanada
Acme Electric Motor IncUnited States
Alexa Internet IncUnited States
Alfalfas Canada IncCanada
Allegro Coffee CoUnited States
Alton Road Miami Fl LlcUnited States
Amazon Venture CapitalUnited States
Amazon 4 StarUnited States
Amazon Asia Pacific Resources Pte LtdSingapore
Amazon Business Eu SarlLuxembourg
Amazon Canada Fulfillment Services IncCanada
Amazon Capital Services Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Capital Services IncUnited States
Amazon Car Co LtdSouth Korea
Amazon Com IncUnited States
Amazon Com IncChina
Amazon Commercial Services Pty LtdAustralia
Amazon Content Services LlcUnited States
Amazon Corporate Holdings Pte LtdSingapore
Amazon Corporate LlcUnited States
Amazon Cs Berlin GmbhGermany
Amazon Data Services Denmark ApsDenmark
Amazon Data Services Ireland LtdIreland
Amazon Data Services Spain SlSpain
Amazon Data Services Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Deutschland E1 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland E2 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland E3 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland E4 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland E5 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland E6 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland E8 Transport Gmbhundefined
Amazon Deutschland N2 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland N7 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland N8 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland S1 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland S14 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland S3 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland S4 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland S9 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland W1 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland W13 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland W15 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland W18 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland W2 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Deutschland W6 Transport GmbhGermany
Amazon Development Center Germany GmbhGermany
Amazon Development Centre London LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Development Centre Scotland LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Digital Services LlcUnited States
Amazon Distribution GmbhGermany
Amazon Enterprise ServicesUnited States
Amazon Eu SarlLuxembourg
Amazon Eu SarlGermany
Amazon EuropeUnited Kingdom
Amazon Europe Core SarlLuxembourg
Amazon Europe Holding Technologies ScsLuxembourg
Amazon Export Sales LlcUnited States
Amazon Fc Graben GmbhGermany
Amazon Fr SasuFrance
Amazon France Services SasFrance
Amazon Fulfillment Poland Sp ZooPoland
Amazon Fulfillment Services IncChina
Amazon India LtdIndia
Amazon Industrial Innovation FundUnited States
Amazon Instant Video Germany GmbhGermany
Amazon Internet Services Pvt LtdIndia
Amazon It Services India Pvt LtdIndia
Amazon Italia Logistica SrlItaly
Amazon Japan KkJapan
Amazon Japan Logistics KkJapan
Amazon Lab126United States
Amazon Logistik Achim GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik Af München GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik Frankenthal GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik Oelde GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik Potsdam GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik Suelzetal GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik Werne GmbhGermany
Amazon Logistik Westfalenhuette GmbhGermany
Amazon Media Eu SarlLuxembourg
Amazon Online Germany GmbhGermany
Amazon Online Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Pay India Pvt LtdIndia
Amazon Payments Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Payments IncUnited States
Amazon Pforzheim GmbhGermany
Amazon Prime VideoUnited States
Amazon Retail India Pvt LtdIndia
Amazon Retail LlcUnited States
Amazon Robotics LlcUnited States
Amazon Seller Services Pvt LtdIndia
Amazon Services Europe SarlLuxembourg
Amazon Services LlcUnited States
Amazon Serviços De Varejo Do Brasil LtdaBrazil
Amazon Spain Services SlSpain
Amazon Studios LlcUnited States
Amazon Sz Franken GmbhGermany
Amazon Sz Sachsen Thueringen GmbhGermany
Amazon Technologies IncUnited States
Amazon Toronto OfficeCanada
Amazon Transportation Services Pvt LtdIndia
Amazon Uk Services LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Us Services LlcUnited States
Amazon Verteilzentrum Krefeld GmbhGermany
Amazon Video LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Vz Rheinland GmbhGermany
Amazon Web Services Argentina SrlArgentina
Amazon Web Services Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Amazon Web Services Emea SarlSpain
Amazon Web Services Emea Sarl FinlandFinland
Amazon Web Services Emea Sarl Uk BranchUnited Kingdom
Amazon Web Services Germany GmbhGermany
Amazon Web Services Hong Kong LtdChina
Amazon Web Services Korea LlcSouth Korea
Amazon Web Services Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Amazon Web Services IncUnited States
Amazon Wholesale India Pvt LtdIndia LlcUnited States Nv Investment Holdings LlcUnited States Sales IncUnited States Services LlcUnited States IncUnited States IncUnited States IncMexico IncUnited Arab Emirates IncUnited Kingdom LlcUnited States LlcUnited States States LtdMauritius LlcUnited States IncUnited States LlcUnited States LlcUnited States LlcUnited States 2 IncUnited States GmbhGermany Holdings SasuFrance
Amazonfresh LlcUnited States
Amazonjoyo Co LtdChina
Amie Street IncUnited States
Amrion IncUnited States
Annapurna Labs Us IncUnited States
Annapurna Labs LtdIsrael
Art19 IncUnited States
Audible GmbhGermany
Audible LtdUnited Kingdom
Audible IncUnited States
Aws Impact AcceleratorUnited States
Awshc IncUnited States
Basic ToysUnited States
Bebo IncUnited States
Biba Systems IncUnited States
Big Fish Entertainment LlcUnited States
Body Labs IncUnited States
BonusCom IncUnited States
BookfinderComUnited States
Bookpages LtdUnited Kingdom
Bookpages Telebook & Internet Movie DatabaseUnited Kingdom
Booksurge LlcUnited States
Bop LlcUnited States
Bowie Strategic Investments IncUnited States
Box Office Mojo LlcUnited States
Bra Film Scandinavia AbSweden
Bread & CircusUnited States
Bread Of LifeUnited States
Brilliance Audio IncUnited States
Brilliance Publishing IncUnited States
Canvas Technology IncUnited States
Casa.comUnited States
Clipmine IncUnited States
Cloud Pass Through Trust 2019 1United States
Cloud9 Ide IncUnited States
Cloudendure IncIsrael
Clusterk IncUnited States
Coda Holdings 3 LlcUnited States
Coda Holdings Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Cofundit LtdUnited Kingdom
Convergence CorpUnited States
Coraza Technologies Pvt LtdIndia
Croft Productions LtdUnited Kingdom
Crystal MarketUnited States
Curse IncUnited States
Cybergrx IncUnited States
Cyrano Uk Productions LtdUnited Kingdom
Delk Road Braselton Ga LlcUnited States
Delvit Solutions Pvt LtdIndia
Digital Product DeliveryUnited States
Dispatch.aiUnited States
Double Helix GamesUnited States
Dpreview.comUnited Kingdom
E8 Storage Systems LtdUnited States
Eero IncUnited States
Elemental Software India Pvt LtdIndia
Elemental Technologies LlcUnited States
Elemental Technologies LtdUnited Kingdom
Elemental Technologies IncUnited States
Emergencylink LlcUnited States
Emvantage Payments Pvt LtdIndia
E Niche IncUnited States
Evi Technologies LtdUnited Kingdom
Exchange.comUnited States
Fabric.comUnited States
Fillz IncCanada
Filmways IncUnited States
FordebakerUnited Kingdom
Four Zero Five Labs IncUnited States
Franklin & Somerset Portland Me LlcUnited States
Fresh & Wild Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Fresh & Wild LtdUnited Kingdom
Fresh Fields MarketUnited States
Fresh Fields IncUnited States
Game Sparks Technologies LtdIreland
Goodgame AgencyUnited States
Goodreads IncUnited States
Graphiq IncUnited States
Greenlife Grocery LlcUnited States
Grossett & Dunlap IncUnited States
Gvg Uk Productions LtdUnited Kingdom
Harrys Farmers Market IncUnited States
Headbone Interactive IncUnited States
Health Navigator LlcUnited States
Henry’S Marketplace IncUnited States
Hercules Productions LtdUnited Kingdom
Hydraulic Road Charlottesville Va LlcUnited States
Iberlibro Digital SlSpain
Iconology IncUnited States IncUnited States
Immedia Semiconductor IncUnited States
In Movies LtdUnited Kingdom
Internet Movie Database IncUnited States
Iotera IncUnited States
Ivona Software Sp ZooPoland LtdChina
Junglee CorpUnited States
Just BooksDe GmbhGermany
Kmesh IncUnited States
Lab126 IncUnited States
Lake Pointe Village Sugar Land LpUnited States
Ledge Road Darien Ct LlcUnited States
Lexcycle IncUnited States
Lightworkers Media Ott LlcUnited States
Liquavista BvNetherlands
Liquavista Hk LtdChina
Livebid.comUnited States
Lord & TaylorUnited States
Lovefilm International LtdUnited Kingdom
Lovefilm Norge AsNorway
Lovefilm.comUnited Kingdom
Main Street Royal Oak Mi LlcUnited States
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios IncUnited States
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios IncUnited States
Metropolitan ParkUnited States
Mgm Channel International Holdings LlcUnited States
Mgm Corporate CommunicationsUnited States
Mgm International Television Dist Asia Pacific Pty LtdAustralia
Mgm Networks Deutschland GmbhGermany
Mgm Pictures IncUnited States
Mgm Television Europe LtdUnited Kingdom
Mmo Champion.comUnited States
Mopac & Braker LpUnited States
Mrs Gooch’S Natural Food Markets IncUnited States
Myfavoriteshoe.comUnited States
Natural Abilities IncUnited States
Natures Fresh Northwest IncUnited States
Nature’S Heartland IncUnited States
Ncl1 LtdUnited Kingdom
Net Insight AbSweden
Net Power & Light IncUnited States
New Frontiers Natural MarketplaceUnited States
Nice SrlItaly
Niffler Labs Pvt LtdIndia
On Demand Publishing LlcUnited States
One Three MediaUnited States
Orion Pictures CorpUnited States
Ourhouse IncUnited States
Partpic IncUnited States
Payfort International Fz LlcUnited Arab Emirates
Pen Place   Land ParcelUnited States
Penn Traffic CoUnited States
Pillpack IncUnited States
PlanetallUnited States
Pnf Us LlcUnited States
PopshoponlineUnited States
Push Button Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Quidsi IncUnited States
Raider 2 Productions LtdUnited Kingdom
Raider Productions LtdUnited Kingdom
Ray Road Chandler Az LlcUnited States
Redo IncUnited States
Reflexive Entertainment IncUnited States
Residence Inn Arlington Pentagon CityUnited States
Residence Inn By Marriott In PentagonUnited States
Ring IncUnited States
Rooftop Media IncUnited States
Safaba Translation Solutions LlcUnited States
Safaba Translation Solutions IncUnited States
Samsung Lcd Netherlands R&D Center BvNetherlands
Scaphold IncUnited States
Screenclick IncIreland
Screenselect LtdUnited Kingdom
Sea View Avenue Conch Key Fl LlcUnited States
Select FishUnited States Pty LtdUnited States IncUnited States
Servicios Comerciales Amazon México Sa De Rl De CvMexico
Sharon Road Charlotte Nc LlcUnited States
Shoefitr IncUnited States
Shopbop.comUnited States
Sizmek IncUnited States
Snaptell IncUnited States
Soap.comUnited States
Soulmate Audio Books IncUnited States Fz LlcUnited Arab Emirates
Springfield Avenue Millburn Nj LlcUnited States
Sqrrl Data LlcUnited States
Sukar Life General Trading LlcUnited Arab Emirates
Tastemakers IncUnited States
Tavolo IncUnited States
Teachstreet IncUnited States
Teamsql IncTurkey
Tenmarks Education IncUnited States
The Alexa AcceleratorUnited States
The Alexa FundUnited States
The Book Depository LtdUnited Kingdom
The Climate Pledge FundUnited States
The Sourdough A European Bakery IncUnited States
Thinkbox Software IncCanada
Thomas Bouregy & Co IncUnited States
Touchco IncUnited States
Trellis Automation IncUnited States
Tso Logic IncCanada
Tunnel Road Asheville Nc LlcUnited States
Twitch Interactive IncUnited States
Twitch Uk LtdUnited Kingdom
Twitch IncUnited States
Umbra Software OyFinland
United Natural Foods IncUnited States
Upnext IncUnited States
Veeqo LtdUnited Kingdom
Video Island Entertainment LtdUnited Kingdom
Waugh Drive Houston Tx LlcUnited States
Webflix LtdUnited Kingdom
Wfm Beverage CorpUnited States
Wfm Beverage Holding CoUnited States
Wfm Gift Card LlcUnited States
Wfm Hawaii LlcUnited States
Wfm Ip Investments IncUnited States
Wfm Ip Management IncUnited States
Wfm Kansas LlcUnited States
Wfm Medical & Wellness Centers IncUnited States
Wfm Nebraska LlcUnited States
Wfm Northern Nevada IncUnited States
Wfm Online IncUnited States
Wfm Private Label LpUnited States
Wfm Private Label Management IncUnited States
Wfm Procurement Investments IncUnited States
Wfm Properties Holdings IncUnited States
Wfm Properties LpUnited States
Wfm Properties Scottsdale LlcUnited States
Wfm Purchasing LpUnited States
Wfm Purchasing Management IncUnited States
Wfm Select Fish IncUnited States
Wfm Southern Nevada IncUnited States
Wfmi Merger CoUnited States
Wfm Wo IncUnited States
White Payments Technologies FzeUnited Arab Emirates
Whole Food Co IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market – Wo IncCanada
Whole Foods Market California IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Canada IncCanada
Whole Foods Market Cobb Property Investments LlcUnited States
Whole Foods Market Distribution IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Finance IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Group IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Intermediary New England Energy Llcundefined
Whole Foods Market Ip LpUnited States
Whole Foods Market Pacific Northwest IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Procurement IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Properties Glendale LlcUnited States
Whole Foods Market Properties Management IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Properties San Jose LlcUnited States
Whole Foods Market Rocky MountainSouthwest I IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Rocky MountainSouthwest LpUnited States
Whole Foods Market Services IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market Southwest Investments Incundefined
Whole Foods Market Strategic Investments IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market IncUnited States
Whole Foods Market IncUnited States
Wickr FoundationUnited States
Wickr IncUnited States
Wild Oats AuroraUnited States
Wild Oats Marketing LlcUnited States
Wild Oats Markets IncUnited States
Wireless Environment LlcUnited States
Withoutabox IncUnited States
Wondery IncUnited States
WootCom LlcUnited States
Wyoming Grocer LlcUnited States
Yap IncUnited States
ZapposCom IncUnited States
Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer BücherGermany
Zoox IncUnited States
Updated on January 27, 2023

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